Novoflex Launches Industry-Disrupting Process for Assembling SIM Cards

Singapore-based smart card innovator NovoFlex today announces Secure Authenticable Identification Laminates (sAiL), a patented, groundbreaking new process that redefines how integrated circuit (IC) chips will be embedded into SIM cards currently used in the telecommunications sector. Novoflex is partnering with smart card manufacturer Eastcompeace in India and CIPTA in Indonesia to implement the IC chip in SIM cards issued by major mobile operators in those countries.

The process departs from traditional methods of manufacturing SIM cards, by eliminating two major steps – module packaging and module embedding. The flexible form factor of sAiLTM – which comes as a thin plastic foil – also allows it to be integrated into a range of everyday objects.

Combined with fact that the process requires less gold to be utilised across all process steps, this new technology leads to significant savings for card manufacturers. As the process is compatible with existing card manufacturing machines, sAiL can be immediately integrated into current smartcard assembly processes.

Rajnish Giri, Managing Director of Eastcompeace India Pvt Ltd, said: “Eastcompeace prides itself on being an early adopter of innovative new technologies and processes. sAiLTM demonstrates a remarkable leap forward in the production process of SIM cards. We are also excited about the possibilities of sAiLTM beyond the telecommunications sector.”

CIPTA CEO Steven Chandra said: “Our mission at CIPTA is to harness innovation to empower ordinary individuals. Driven by innovation, in the last few years, applications for smart cards have proliferated across industries. Technologies such as sAILTM are a game changer, and we are glad to be working with strategic partners such as NovoFlex to help us to envision a brighter, bolder future.”

The process has been successfully patented in 20 countries, with more countries pending, and has already garnered interest from major SIM card vendors across the globe. While initial demand for sAILTM is expected from the telecommunications sector, NovoFlex is already working with key industry players to apply the sAiLTM technology to banking cards and is confident that its usage will expand to transportation and Internet of Things (IoT) in the near future.

CEO of NovoFlex, Dr. Eric Ng, said: “Our mission at NovoFlex is to provide the enabling technologies to make objects smarter. sAiLTM allows for secure authentication, and while the immediate application is in telecommunications, the flexibility of this technology enables us to envision possibilities much broader than that. We are very proud to introduce this new technology in India and Indonesia, through our partners, and hope to expand very quickly beyond telecoms.”