HP Inc. Supercharges PC Gaming – Introduces new OMEN by HP notebooks

HP Inc. has unleveled the playing field with the introduction of an entirely new, cutting-edge and comprehensive portfolio of OMEN by HP gaming notebooks. Re-designed and re-engineered from the ground up, the new notebooks give esports athletes and competitive gamers the edge and confidence needed to perform at the highest level. Every inch inside and out of the new OMEN PCs are packed with features designed to target the needs of gamers around the world, instantly changing the game like never before.

With the new OMEN PC lineup, HP is bringing gamers OMEN 15 and OMEN 17 laptops, with the latest high-performance 10 Series GTX graphics from NVIDIA, high-resolution displays with optional G-Sync technology for fast refresh rates and a single-access service panel to upgrade RAM & Storage.

“OMEN by HP is one of the fastest growing major PC gaming brands today,” said Anurag Arora, Head-Consumer Personal Systems, HP Inc India. “Gamers and esports athletes want the coolest, most innovative and powerful products in the market with the designs they crave. With our reinvention of the OMEN notebook portfolio – from design, form-factor, engineering and performance – we are helping them compete at the highest level.”

New OMEN Gaming Notebooks: Unleash Top-Performance to DOMINATE THE GAME

OMEN by HP Laptops –Spacecraft-Inspired Designs with Cutting-Edge Technology

The OMEN by HP 15 and OMEN by HP 17 laptops are completely reinvented and redesigned in 2017 to offer a design built for gamers, with more expansion capabilities, additional ports and VR compatibility.

The result: A performance packed PC with exceptional gaming capabilities in a compact package, helps ensure gamers can play the latest titles on-the-go and in any environment. The OMEN 15 is available with a wide range of options designed to deliver performance, optimize the gaming experience, enhance gameplay and limit outside distractions. The OMEN 17 supports some of the latest  technologies available today to help ensure gamers can push high frame-rates on the latest AAA games with a broad range of options targeted at delivering unprecedented performance across all aspects of gaming.