Avalara launches GST compliance partnership program for ERP publishers and tax practitioners

Avalara has launched GST compliance partnership program for ERP publishers, tax professionals, and entrepreneurs. The goal of the program is compliance automation enablement for the clients of the new Avalara partners in India, and provide them invaluable opportunity to deepen relationships with customers, build their loyalty, and reduce churn.

One of Avalara’s partners, speaking on the occasion, Tushar Kadam, Sales Director, abas (Force) India Pvt ltd, said: “Avalara’s solutions helped abas India enable our customers to easily and affordably manage their GST data reconciliation and return filing obligations. Avalara’s flexible template based flat CSV file import capability reduces the time and effort new customers require to integrate with our solutions. Abas technology team needed less than a week time to ready the template.”

Tushar added, “Avalara continues to support the abas team and our customers, even after implementation was complete. Because of Avalara, abas India team can address all customer concerns regarding GST with ease. “

Once enrolled in the partnership program, the partners will be able to offer their customers best-in-class cloud-based GST compliance automation and earn a percentage on sales made to new customers. There are several partners, such as Anand ERP, that are not taking commission but instead passing on the benefits to their customers.

Key to the program is Avalara’s multi-faceted integration strategy.  “Our extensive network of both partner-created and internally-authored connectors has always been our competitive moat,” says William Rau, Senior Director for Avalara, Inc., “and through the GST Solutions Partnership Program we are expecting to increase the moat in both breadth and depth.  We are actively creating new connectors and expanding existing integrations to support India GST data collection.  This greatly reduces the time and effort new partners require to integrate with our solutions.”

The program has a plenty of other advantages for its development & solution partners, marketing & sales partners, franchise partners and accounting & consulting partners. These benefits include but are not limited to access to Avalara’s partner portal having interactive dashboard for lead follow up, sales & marketing tools, training webinars & events and much more.

Avalara partner program plans to make tax compliance technologies more accessible to its partners and help them grow.