ACT Fibernet launches ‘Welcome Back’ initiative to strengthen its workforce

ACT Fibernet announced the launch of ‘Welcome Back’ initiative, a recruitment programme to encourage and enable individuals to resume work post their career breaks. This initiative -will be undertaken across Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad and for roles across departments and functions such as Customer service, marketing, FinanceIT & technology and others.

The Welcome Back initiative is designed to attract talented women and men folks who have taken short-term or long-term career breaks and wish to make a comeback to the corporate world. ACT Fibernet will work with such individuals to help them transition back into the workplace and re-define their career paths.

Selected individuals will be assigned a buddy and a mentor to make their transition back at workplace seamless. ACT Fibernet also has a team of professional counsellors who will counsel the new employees should there be any stressful situations during this transition period.

Speaking on the new initiative, Shefali Mohapatra, Chief People Officer, Atria Convergence Technologies Pvt Ltd said, “An organisation thrives through its employees and hence it is imperative to create an inclusive and enabling environment. At ACT Fibernet, we understand that individuals may choose to step out of corporate life for many reasons, we recognise and respect those choices. Through this program we would like to bring on board talented and passionate individuals who would positively contribute to the organisation. We will strive to make their transition smooth and enable them with the right support and tools for them create a fulfilling care