Software AG Adds Robotic Process Automation to the Digital Business Platform

Software AG  Software AG today announced that it is taking its partnership with robotic process automation (RPA) provider Kryon Systems to the next level with a technology license and distribution agreement. The partnership pairs Software AG’s webMethods Dynamic Apps with Kryon Systems’ Leo RPA platform, enabling automation from desktop to back-end systems. 

Wolfram Jost, chief technology officer, Software AG, noted: “Robotic Process Automation provides webMethods Dynamic Apps Platform with the ability to automate human interactions with applications in a business user-friendly, low code, way. We are excited about the possibilities for robotic process automation, which will extend digital process automation capabilities and provide automation for the user.”

RPA offers a new “virtual workforce” of software robots to help automate repetitive manual tasks and processes. Instead of people taking their focus from their core work with repetitive, mundane high volume tasks, robots will do this work and much more. RPA is visually configurable and easy to implement; there is no need for deeper integration or coding to change of underlying processes and it requires a relatively low up-front investment.

Harel Tayeb, CEO of Kryon systems, said: “Working with Software AG, Kryon Systems continues to expand its global footprint. Kryon and Software AG are creating the future of the workplace, where robots and humans will interact and operate seamlessly, executing processes, and passing assignments from one to the other. Together we are enabling companies to implement true digital transformation in the enterprise.”

Analysts forecast that in as few as three years RPA will be a $1 billion market with 40% of large global organizations using it to automate work activities. For example, in the shared services business function, as much as 65% of the work can be reduced through automation. 

Benefits of RPA include:
·         Increased efficiency and productivity

·         A higher level of accuracy – fewer errors

·         Flexibility and scalability to add and change processes as needed

·         Compliance - business rules & regulations are embedded in processes

·         Cost savings - reduces operating costs and increases throughput

To see Software AG’s Robotic Process Automation in action, register for a Digital Business Demo webinar here.