Security Alliance launch cyber threat intelligence platform ThreatMatch

ThreatMatch is a cyber threat intelligence platform that provides users with relevant, actionable and timely threat intelligence that can be tailored to their unique environments. Using a diverse and extensive range of sources, ThreatMatch provides continuous alerts on how an organisation’s attack surface correlates with the threat posed by the malicious actors targeting it.

John Beale, founder of Security Alliance comments: “We were delighted to be invited to launch ThreatMatch at the official opening of the UK Cyber Demonstration Centre.

“Organisations now operate on a global stage whether they choose to or not. Those who would not ordinarily seem a target for foreign governments, advanced threat actors, organised crime groups, hackers or hacktivist, are finding themselves part of a much larger event than they would have envisaged.

“Traditional security programmes that seek to simply build bigger walls don’t work. Cyber security threats are also not a static risk. The motivations and capabilities of threat actors continuously evolve, and your resilience depends on the continuous acquisition and actioning of accurate cyber threat intelligence.

“Staying secure now requires persistent and accurate understanding of your cyber threat landscape to better inform your security strategy. The key is timely intelligence that enables better risk management and incident response decisions, forearming defensive teams of imminent threats and developing comprehensive cyber resiliency exercises.”

ThreatMatch is Security Alliance’s cyber intelligence sharing platform through which it delivers the results of continuous monitoring, analysis and reporting. It is modular in design to provide different levels of functionality dependent on intelligence needs and budgetary requirements.

ThreatMatch functionality includes:
·         Threat alerting
·         Information and intelligence on adversaries, malware and operations
·         Threat actor profiles including Tactics, Techniques and Procedures (TTP)
·         Industry, sector and global situational awareness
·         Social media monitoring
·         Vulnerability and exploit alerts
·         Aggregated and customised news streams

Beale continues: “ThreatMatch has been developed with a number of international customers of our cyber intelligence services. We have worked with our customers to develop a platform to enable collaboration and deliver intelligence in the most usable and consumable manner.”