Personal Cyber Security is Vital as Threats Become More Prominent and Stronger

With the internet continuing to play a central role in daily life, personal cyber security has become the key to maintaining online protection both at work and at home. Cyber attackers and criminals use a variety of methods to target companies, governments, and individuals. Infiltrating a single server or even a mobile device can put an entire network at risk, resulting in lost money, time, and personal or financial information.

Personal cyber security must be a focus, as the number of attacks grows higher year after year. Within the next few years, the annual cost of cyber threats is expected to be in the range of trillions of dollars. Medical devices and other network-enabled appliances are becoming major targets for cyber criminals. Even if these devices themselves are secure, they are still at risk because the people operating them can be compromised by criminals.

As the number of cyber attacks rises, the severity of them continues to increase as well. Criminals have had success infiltrating the data of politicians and other elected individuals, which has elevated personal cyber security into a matter of national concern. In the United States, the National Infrastructure Advisory Council is responsible for overseeing the country's response to cyber threats and attacks. Organizations across the world have been increasing their budgets to protect and defend against cyber attacks.

Defending against cyber criminals is not only something for governments and corporations to be concerned with. Every individual who connects to the Internet is at risk of attack and must be prepared. Companies like Rubica are prepared to assist with personal cyber security and ensure people's private information is protected. Rubica's goal is to reduce cyber crime and protect the digital rights of citizens across the world. They employ a team of cyber security experts who are trained to monitor your online activity and identify when your personal information is at risk.

Rubica's team is comprised of individuals with previous experience at top security organizations around the globe. They also have long-standing partnerships in the financial, investment, legal, and insurance industries.

Rubica recognizes that a strong password is not enough to protect individuals in the modern world, where so many household devices are constantly connected to the web. True personal cyber security requires a diligent approach that can handle threats from various directions. Rubica's technology is proven at stopping all major cyber attacks, including malware and phishing.

Rubica has designed their services to eliminate the difficulty of personal cyber security. With a single application, users can protect their most valuable information, including passwords, credit card numbers, and banking details. The Rubica app is available for smartphones, tablets and laptop or desktop computers.

Once the application is installed on your device, the Rubica team takes over your personal cyber security. Their analysts identify threats that could harm you and then take steps to mitigate the risks. Within the app, users can view the status of their protection and see details of events that the Rubica team has investigated on their behalf. Rubica monitoring can be turned on or off within the application and activity can be accessed across all of your personal devices.

With Rubica installed, all incoming and outgoing data is routed through a secure, private network designed to maximize your personal cyber security. This has an added benefit of hiding your online activity from internet service providers and other third parties. Rubica is also using cutting-edge machine learning technology to leverage the knowledge of their security experts and automate the detection of potential cyber attacks. Their software continues to learn and grow stronger over time.

If questions or issues arise, Rubica customers can contact security experts at any time, even if the user is simply looking for a security recommendation. Rubica is specially designed to ensure personal cyber security and reduce threats and attacks from internet criminals. Keeping personal information private is challenging in the modern age, but Rubica is designed to make it easy.