LIFULL boosts Online Marketing with Appier’s AI-based Data Intelligence Platform

Appier, an artificial intelligence (AI) company, announced that LIFULL Co., one of Japan's largest real estate and housing information services, is implementing Aixon, Appier's AI-based data intelligence platform, to enhance its online marketing and new business development.

LIFULL has committed to be the best life-event data solution company in the world as part of its three-year mid-term business plan and this includes adopting the latest AI, robotics and Internet of Things (IoT) technologies. The Aixon implementation will help LIFULL integrate and analyze the vast online and offline real estate databases managed by its Group Data Strategy Unit to generate keen customer insights.

Aixon offers companies the ability to unify data across different formats and combine it with data from Appier's CrossX AI database, which comprises rich anonymized ownership and usage information across billions of devices in Asia. Aixon helps marketers analyze this data using AI to predict customer behavior. It also allows them to export and integrate customer insights with their own customer relationship management (CRM) systems, or to take action on Aixon's predictions using programmatic advertising platforms such as Appier's CrossX Programmatic Platform.

LIFULL will be using Aixon to drive more effective online marketing programs leading to enriched long-term relationships with its customers. LIFULL also plans to use the Aixon platform to develop new innovative businesses.

"In order to expand the scope of our business, data usage is key. For example, one of our biggest challenges is trying to figure out what insights we should take from the vast amounts of CRM data and how we should go about using them," said Masahito Noguchi, Chief Data Officer of LIFULL. "LIFULL has a great team with a lot of knowledge. We have decided to introduce Appier's prediction tool Aixon because we believe its analysis and prediction features will be helpful when analyzing our CRM data. I am looking forward to seeing what insights Aixon will provide us with."

"LIFULL is a truly innovative company which recognizes the role that AI can play in supercharging its business. We're delighted to have been selected to partner with them in their mission to use AI to drive impactful online marketing and create new business models. We look forward to working closely with LIFULL to ensure that Aixon meets their needs," said Chih-Han Yu, Chief Executive Officer, Appier.