SUSE to Showcase Open Source Innovations That Are Transforming Businesses at SUSECON 2017 in Prague

SUSE announced sponsors, keynotes and breakout session details for its upcoming SUSECON 2017 global end-user conference, to be held Sept. 25-29 in Prague, Czechia.

SUSECON brings together end users with experts from SUSE, its partners and open source communities in a unique environment where they can dive into the open source technology and innovation that is transforming businesses today. The conference will showcase the latest developments in enterprise-grade software-defined infrastructure with in-depth sessions on key technology topics such as Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), Container as a Service (CaaS), NFV, software-defined storage and software-defined networking, along with showing leading Linux, OpenStack and Ceph-based solutions.

Important and rising software-defined infrastructure technologies will be covered, including emerging leaders Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry. SUSE is leveraging Kubernetes for CaaS solutions that enable IT and DevOps professionals to more easily deploy, manage and scale container-based applications and services. SUSECON will also feature a preview of SUSE's upcoming PaaS solution, built on Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry.

"For SUSE, there's more to 'open' than just the code," said Michael Miller, SUSE President of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing. "It's about how we do business, how we engage in our communities and projects, how we partner, and how we provide choice at all different levels of the architecture to enable customers and partners to build best-of-breed solutions and avoid vendor lock-in. At SUSECON, customers experience all of that. Most of all, they see how they can make room for innovation that will help them keep pace in their markets and carry them into the future."

Keynote speakers in Prague will include:
Abby Kearns, executive director, Cloud Foundry Foundation
Kozo Otsuka, CTO, MIS - Central Europe, Fujitsu
Gary Thome, VP and chief technologist, Software-Defined Infrastructure and Cloud Group, Hewlett Packard Enterprise
KY Srinivasan, partner director, Enterprise Open Source Group, Microsoft
Stefan Weitland, chief product owner for SAP Cloud Platform, and Martin Fassunge, chief product owner, SAP Cloud Platform Internet of Things, SAP
Nils Brauckmann, SUSE CEO
Michael Miller, SUSE president of Strategy, Alliances and Marketing
Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE CTO

The SUSECON 2017 session catalog features more than 150 hands-on, tutorial, case study, future outlook and business overview sessions that dive deeply into technology innovation and the future of IT infrastructure.