Silvan launches IoT enabled home automation solutions

Silvan provides home automation based on contemporary technologies such as cloud services and the Internet of Things. Silvan’s home automation solutions has been used by big players in the field of housing – Sobha, Brigade, Nambiar Builders, Total Environment, Tata Housing, and Lodha to name a few. 

Silvan Innovation Labs (Silvan) has been developing practical and intuitive IoT technologies to address safety, security, convenience and energy management needs of various spaces like Homes, Offices, ATMs, Hotel Rooms, Retails stores etc.  The IoT solutions needs several innovative products, but at the consumer level it has to be translated into simple, practical and intuitive solutions. 

In 2016, Silvan Innovation Labs  raised 9.5​ crore from early-stage, clean-tech focussed capital fund Infuse Ventures and The Chennai Angels.​

Silvan Exclusive: Home monitoring and IoT is the next big wave in home automation -Why Home Automation in India is the biggest growing market:
·         Better 4g connectivity, increased smart phone adoption and maturing voice technology​ are key drivers for IOT solutions and home automation solutions. Further home monitoring solution starts with 12500 INR, the price is also a key factor in increasing adoption

·         With increasing number of nuclear families, these families are opting for technology for safety and security of their children. Home Automation solutions just provides practical, secure and safe solutions

·         Most Realty developers are foraying into providing home automation and IoT solutions, Silvan provides pre-fitted​ home automation solutions to some very well known realty developers PAN India