Magnetic fast charging cable for all your devices launched

We live in an increasingly fast paced world, where there is a need to stay connected 24X7. However, everything comes to a standstill if even one of our devices gets discharged. There are a plethora of important calls, documents and unfinished books that one might miss, just because their device had the audacity to give up on us. Sometimes, there are days when due to the paucity of time you get mere minutes to charge your device and have to rush out with barely any charge. Then there is the problem of carrying multiple chargers that entangle themselves, just to make your life harder, and god forbid if you forget one of them! You can bid adieu to that device for the day.

There needs to be a solution to these problems. What if just one cable can cure ALL your charging blues? Sounds incredulous? It’s not! MuConnect 2.0 solves all of the above mentioned problems in a jiffy. They have simplified charging as never before. Be it your Iphone, Android Phone, Type-C or even a Kindle, you can charge them with one cable. The removable jack connects to the cable with a powerful NEODYMUM magnet that you can plug in anytime, anywhere. The MuConnect also offer upto 2X faster charging with just a tap of your fingers. What’s more? The cable also offers protection to your precious data, when charging on a public port!

This peerless product is now available in India through crowdfunding on MuConnect has already raised more than 2 crores for the 1.0 version and now has come up with the MuConnect 2.0, which is set to turn the charging game on its head. The MuConnect is the winner of the NextGen crowdfunding video awards and has been featured in some of the most prestigious international publications. This unique product shall be available for INR 849 for the super early bird consumers and for INR 949 subsequently. 

Amit Bysani, CEO, MuConnect says, “The idea for the product stems from the daily hassle of charging multiple devices on the go. MuConnect was the result of delving into the psyche of the consumers and gaining the insight of what do they need. Our idea has seen validation when we raised more than 2 crores for the previous version, and the new enhanced MuConnect 2.0, we expect great response from the consumers.”

Ranganath Thota, Founder and CEO of also remarked, “The MuConnect team has understood the need of the hour. They have managed to create a product that adds great value to the lives of the people. We at, above all else, seek to promote ideas that are innovative and create an impact in people’s lives. “