Kone, KPIT, Avanijal Agri Automation, Acculi Labs, Tech Mahindra and Arrow Electronics team with IBM for IOT

IBM announced key clients and partnerships that are fuelling Internet of Things (IoT) innovation in India. This news kicks off IBM’s Genius of Things Summit in Mumbai where more than 200 customers, partners and industry leaders today will discuss new ways of doing business and showcase innovative new real-life customer stories that demonstrate how IoT can disrupt the market.

“In today’s hyper connected era, business must be able to make sense of the massive amounts of data being generated to create a safer world, improve consumer experiences and deliver excellence in service. The key to this is Cognitive IoT,” said Karan Bajwa, Managing Director, IBM India/South Asia. “With an unparalleled, growing global ecosystem of over 6,000 clients, 1,400 partners and 750 IoT patents, IBM is uniquely positioned to lead the IoT revolution across industries and help companies in India plug into critical new revenue streams.”

IBM is expanding the IOT Ecosystem in India with new clients including:

Kone to Elevate Future with IBM IoT
Through a multiyear agreement with IBM, KONE will tap into the IBM IoT Cloud Platform to connect, remotely monitor and optimize the management of millions of elevators, escalators, doors and turnstiles in buildings and cities worldwide. The system will analyze vast amounts of data from sensors embedded in equipment. As a result, rather than calling a service engineer, KONE will be able to predict and resolve selected technical issues remotely by running tests and making commands over the cloud, allowing it to identify and predict issues and minimize downtime. KONE also plans to leverage a vast developer ecosystem via Application Programming Interfaces (API’s) that will allow developers to make a smoother, safer and more personalized flow of people in some of the world’s busiest cities and buildings including India.

KPIT Helps Customers Revamp Their Engineering Processes Using IBM IoT Continuous Engineering
KPIT is a global technology company specializing in product engineering and IT solutions to automotive, transportation, manufacturing and energy and utilities industries. Using IBM’s IoT Continuous Engineering, KPIT is more efficiently delivering high-quality designs and developing smart, connected products while helping system engineers and software developers meet key requirements, establish traceability and quickly respond to last minute changes—all while controlling development costs and meeting compliance needs.

Avanijal Agri Automation Facilitates Precision Agriculture for Farmers with IBM IoT platform 
Avanijal Agri Automation Pvt. Ltd. provides innovative technology solutions that meet the challenges farmer's face today. The company's Irrigation Automation System solution provides farmers with precision irrigation and fertigation capabilities that deliver better yield and saving on key resources such water, electricity, labour and fertilizers. Avanijal is leveraging IBM’s IoT platform on IBM Cloud to collect and log irrigation data from various sensors on the field for agronomical analysis which helps further enhance the yield on a continuous basis.

Acculi Labs Brings AI-based, Affordable HealthTech and InsureTech platform to Rural India
Acculi Labs Pvt. Ltd has devised a scalable rural healthcare solution called Lyfas that allows for the early detection of disease, efficient transport to a hospital in emergency and ongoing monitoring after treatment. Acculi Labs is leveraging IBM’s IoT platform on IBM Cloud which helps them build and scale Lyfas. Lyfas captures a biosignal that is then diagnosed with cloud based AI, which is hosted on IBM Cloud. The solution also leverages IBM Watson IoT gateway and Apache spark streaming analytics. The IBM Watson IoT also helps Acculi Labs smooth the flow of data from the edge device to cloud for further analysis and prognostics.

Global & India Partnerships

Arrow Electronics: Arrow Electronics has integrated IBM's IoT platform and IBM Cloud services into its ideation-to-production capabilities and services. As a result, Arrow is giving customers and prospects across Asia Pacific, including India, access to an expanded spectrum of ecosystem offerings that can help them realize the full potential of IoT innovations. Arrow will offer customers in India the IBM IoT platform via IBM Cloud as well as access to more than 160 industry-leading cloud services such as artificial intelligence (AI), Blockchain, advanced data analytics and cyber security. 

Tech Mahindra
Delivering Connected Experiences is Tech Mahindra’s core philosophy. Tech Mahindra is harnessing IBM IOT technology for designing experiences through orchestration of systems, sensors, devices, platforms, external data, back-end systems, analytics engine and much more. The company is also co-creating solutions with IBM Watson for Industry 4.0, Manufacturing, Healthcare, Automotive, Financial Services and Agriculture. Tech Mahindra is also one of the key partners for IBM Watson Munich Center. In this center IBM will provide access to a number of Watson-based services to Tech Mahindra for precision farming and help build new algorithms specific to an Indian context. Experts from IBM and Tech Mahindra will work together to develop new voice interfaces and cognitive solutions for Mahindra & Mahindra vehicles and others.