Acadgild launches a course in Deep Learning With Tensor Flow

Acadgild has launched a course on ‘Data Science: Deep Learning With Tensor Flow', which is another addition to their wide range of job-oriented course offerings. The course will offer proficiency in Python, Statistics, Machine Learning, Tensorflow, and its main functions, operations and the execution pipeline. The course is aimed at helping students understand various Deep Learning complex algorithms that implement deep neural networks. Spanning a duration of 72 mentoring hours over 12 weeks, the course is priced at INR 34,999.

Inspired from the functioning of the brain, Deep Learning emulates the learning approach of human in computers and machines. Used for some of the most revolutionary developments in Artificial Intelligence (AI), it is gradually transforming the machine-intelligence landscape worldwide. Acadgild’s Deep Learning with TensorFlow training is an intensive course to help a person acquire advanced knowledge of all the key concepts of Deep Learning like Logistic regression and Linear regression. The hands-on experience exposes them to the real-world applications of Deep Learning.

The course is designed for anyone who has the zeal to learn and enhance their expertise in Deep Learning, Neural Networks, TensorFlow, and Restricted Boltzmann Machines (RBM). Professionals eligible for this training include Developers, Analytics Managers, Business Analysts, Information Architects, and Analysts. The average salary of a Data Scientist with Machine Learning skills is around 8 lakhs per year.

Speaking about the course, Vikalp Jain, Co-founder and President, Acadgild, said, “Deep Learning is a rising and promising extension to traditional Machine Learning. It is creating a huge stride with Google’s Brain project and its acquisition of Deepmind, a London-based Deep Learning start-up. TensorFlow is expected to be a Game Changer in the Artificial Intelligence era as it will empower everyone with an opportunity to learn and understand. This program offers students with one-on-one career guidance as well. Résumés of eligible students will be forwarded to our network of employers with relevant job openings. Students can even consider freelance work, which today is an excellent way to earn extra income and enjoy the benefits of flexible working hours while working from home.”

Acadgild aims to address and service the severe skill mismatch in terms of requirement and availability in the market. It helps ambitious technology professionals to re-skill themselves with the latest technology and professional courses, delivered by expert mentors from leading companies. They go by the belief that higher education is a basic human right, and therefore it is essential to create an environment that is conducive for skill development, where people can learn from mentors as well as from their own peers. Acadgild aims to be the market leader in boot camp professional training course vertical, with a focus on IT and professional learning, in the next five years.