VR will change consumer tech adoption

VR will change consumer tech adoption. As companies deploy VR technologies, they’re closely monitoring consumer demographics, attitudes and sentiments to determine who will actually adopt VR and how. Traditional qualifiers no longer explain tech adoption. Forrester introduces a new method of measuring emotion to help companies predict how consumers approach and adopt VR and other emerging technologies (see data spotlight below).

How to work with digital influencers. Forrester Data shows 60% of marketers commissioned influencers to make content in 2016 and 17% consider influencers one of their top three sources of content. Marketers can work with influencers in cases like product placement, content creation, and endorsement, but must manage some legal, aesthetic, and commercial novelties. This research cuts through the hype around influencer marketing and identifies the most relevant ways to use them.

Breakout Vendors: Marketing measurement & optimization solutions. Conversion Logic and OptiMine embrace agile marketing techniques, ingest more granular data into traditional marketing mix models, and use ensemble approach methods. Forrester explains why these two should be considered solid alternatives to other vendors, and this research assesses their offerings, go-to market approaches, challenges and what’s next for their businesses/products.