SAP to increase focus on SMBs in India: Anthony McMohan, VP, APAC and Japan

One of the SAP executives from APAC was in India for an event. One of the journalists who spoke to him posted a video where Anthony McMohan shares SAP India's plans to reach out to SMEs in India with the help its partners. The company plans to make solutions that are SME focused and help them grow.

SAP is very strong software company in the large and mid organizations. Its ERP share is more than 50 percent in India. The company is trying to pitch its new platform very aggressively that is SAP S/ HANA. Given its strength in the SMEs, the company is bullish to make inroads in the SMBs.

SAP is targetting a lot of SME clusters to take its message in the loudest possible way. The company is trying to train its partners to make its message clear. It is creating skillsets for the SME market.