Marcus Hutchins, who helped stop WannaCry, is accused of spreading Kronos banking trojan in 2014-2015

WannaCry was the worst ransomware attack in the recent years jeopardizing systems of various banks and organizations globally. However, Marcus Hutchins, a hacker who helped in stopping this ransomware, has himself come under scanner from FBI and been arrested for committing another cyber crime. He's accused of spreading Kronos banking trojan in 2015. 

Hutchins is charged with crime and stealing the key information that caused losses to the banks worldwide and in the US. It is believed that his arrest will send a strong message to hackers globally. 

Meanwhile, has got comments from cyber security companies which have welcomed the move. Here’s a general comment from FireEye, on the issue behind this large news cycle: Marcus Hutchins, the researcher who helped stop the global cyberattack WannaCry, was arrested in US for spreading Kronos banking trojan in 2015.

“Many details surrounding this arrest and Marcus Hutchins’ alleged role in developing Kronos remain unclear at this time. FireEye observed Kronos being advertised on an established Russian cyber criminal forum by the actor "VinnyK" in June 2014. Since then, it has been used in a variety of malicious activities and infected diverse organizations, as is typically the case with credential theft malware made widely available through eCrime markets. The allegations that the author of this malware has been arrested could discourage malicious actors from continuing to use it," said John Miller, Senior Manager of Analysis, FireEye.

While this arrest boost the moral of banking and other organizations, it will send a message to hackers who want to steal others money with just a click of a button. Organizations need to ramp up their infra to secure it from external threats and build stringent processes so that employees and partners could not be the doorway of hacking.