Intelenet Appoints New Managing Director to Drive Growth across Europe

Intelenet Global Services has appointed Steve Morgan as Managing Director of UK and Europe to drive growth across the European market. Backed by the Blackstone Group, Intelenet is a global BPO helping large public and private organizations, including several Fortune 500 companies, to transform their business operations.  

Steve Morgan’s business experience includes twenty years in financial services, holding senior consultancy roles at EY and National Australia Bank, as well as operational leadership and transformation roles at Blue Chip banks including ANZ Banking Group, JP Morgan, RBS, Deutsche Bank, Barclays Bank, Banco Santander and Lloyds. Additionally, he was Director  & Co-Founder of Snugglebum kids sleepwear.

Steve Morgan, Managing Director of UK/Europe at Intelenet Global Services, says: “This is an incredibly interesting time in the outsourcing industry. With multinational companies striving to navigate the myriad of challenges that the digital economy presents, the expectation for service providers is not only that we know our client’s business, but that we know it better than them and give them the ability to get ahead.

“The challenge to constantly innovate – and make the most of developing technologies such as AI and automation – means that businesses are looking for ways to apply these ideas to their existing business operations as well as developing new areas of focus.

“Outsourcing business processes, in the way that Intelenet® see it, is now about delivering business outcomes that enable our customers to thrive. We then become an innovation arm – an extension of our client’s business. The longstanding relationships that Intelenet® has built and cherished stand as testament to the value we add in fast-changing markets.”

Bhupender Singh, CEO of Intelenet Global Services, comments: “Steve comes with many years’ consulting experience across multiple sectors, but it’s his particular strength in financial services which makes him stand out. “Driving process improvements across global businesses is a complex task, which requires clear-sighted and practical leadership. Steve’s approach to operational delivery combines a realistic idea of what can be achieved with a strategic interest in the latest disruptive trends. We are confident that with this approach, Steve will drive successful business operations across the UK and Europe.”