Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic launches Global Operation Centre to provide IT operations support across India

End-to-end IT Services and Solutions provider, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic announced the launch of a Global Operation Centre in Gurugram that will provide offshore IT operations support to companies across the globe. It will also provide 24-hour support for IT operations for Hitachi America, Ltd. and Hitachi Europe Ltd.

The Global Operation Centre aims to provide secure, reliable and market-competitive IT services globally and will additionally contribute to Hitachi India’s business. The Centre also holds potential to provide similar services to other customers across India.

Mr. Rajan Bhandari, COO & Regional Director, Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic, said, “Hitachi has the competence to build an internal support system by leveraging its expertise in the IT industry. Since all Hitachi group companies are connected by a common and secure network, this will also serve as a cost effective IT operation support. With this Centre, we aim to provide our services to Hitachi as well as other companies that require IT support.”

The Centre that will begin operations from tomorrow in a 3-shifts, aims to create employment opportunities for more than 300 people in the coming 6 months.

Rajan added, “In today’s times, 24-hour support is a must to cover the global markets. The system integration market demands continuous improvement and innovation. This facility will make it possible for us to offer uninterrupted support to our group companies and customers and is a huge achievement for us as well as for those who use our technology.”

Hitachi Systems Micro Clinic Pvt. Ltd. plans to replicate the model in other markets as well and is planning for global standard NOC, SOC and BPO business.

Rajan further said, “This is a pilot project and soon other countries will join hands to provide the same services to other companies. The idea is to collaboratively work with Hitachi group companies. We would be supporting not only within India but also out side of India globally in the coming future.”

As of now, the Centre will provide support to the Enterprise platform and will soon extend services to support business and management platforms as well.