Endpoint security software market will reach $5.9B by 2021

In its new endpoint security software forecast, Forrester found that:

·         Increased budgets will improve client threat management: 45% of global security decision makers plan to increase their spending on client threat management, up from 39% in 2015.

·         Endpoint visibility and control (EVC) will experience the fastest growth: The EVC market is expected to grow 23.2% over the next five years, as EVC products allow security and risk professionals to discover and prevent potential threats.

·         Application integrity protection solutions will see high growth: Products using machine learning and AI to detect abnormal patterns of application behavior are projected to grow by 19.1% by 2021.

Endpoints need to have built-in security. Recently there have been instances where the endpoints led hackers into the corporate networks of many enterprises including banks and healthcare institutions. This is becoming a serious threat all over the world. Particularly when IoT is becoming the buzzword and being used, it is imperative that the focus should be on secured devices that have security by-design. It can further be enhanced by the security practices of the organization.