Top 10 chatbots in the World

Chatbots are mainstream now and emerging as an alternative for enterprises to save cost and time. They are helping a lot of organizations to handle the customer queries at the earliest and without human intervention. In the last few years, there has been a steep rise in the chatbots in the market. A number of startups have come out with their solutions which they claim to be bots.

Most of them are focused on customer support. A host of banks in the world and BPOs are using chatbots and cutting on the cost to hire and handle customer support staff.

The chatbots are powered by artificial intelligence which dig out data and offer the best solutions to customer queries on their own. It is believed that this market will further grow in the coming years. Today there are hundreds of chatbots in the market. CIOs and IT heads might find it confusing when choosing the best bots for their business.

The Data Driver has dug out a list of top ten chatbots which Forrester recently identified to help enterprises find out the best chatbots for their business.

Here are the top ten chatbots that are growing in popularity due to their features and innovative tech:

1.  [24]7
This stands first in the list due to a host of AI capabilities that it has. If Forrester is to believed, [24]7 is one of the best chatbots in the world. It is also known as 24/7 Customer, Inc.. It is a customer experience software and services company headquartered in Campbell, California.

2. Artificial Solutions
Artificial Solutions stands second in the list when it comes to best chatbots. It is a multinational software company that develops and sells natural language interaction products for enterprise and consumer use.

3. Creative Virtual
Then in the list comes the name of Creative Virtual which is one of the leading chatbots. It comes with a lot of exclusive features to help organizations handle their complex tasks. Creative Virtual's digital customer experience provides a way to create meaningful, more personalized omnichannel engagement with your customers.

4. Inbenta
Inbenta is a cloud-based, AI-powered Natural Language Search for customer support and e-commerce and is one of the leading chatbots in the world.

5. Interactions 
Started in 2004, Interactions LLC is a privately held technology company that builds and delivers hosted Virtual Assistant applications that enable businesses to deliver automated natural language communications for enterprise customer care. 

6. IPsoft
IPsoft is a leading bot application which is growing in popularity due to its inbuilt AI capabilities that can handle the complex tasks on its own.

7. Nanorep
Nanorep is also a popular chatbot application. The company offers personalized customer self-service, virtual assistant and chatbot solutions, accessible at any touchpoint along the customer journey.

8. Next IT
Next IT is an intelligent interface that is always ready to handle customer-related issues. Its conversational AI is a layer of technology that sits between you, your team and your customers to answer all kinds of questions.

9. Nuance
Nuance is a speech-based chatbot that can handle the difficult and intricate customer questions. 

10. is a platform that allows you to build & manage your conversational strategy. It can be deployed for all messaging platforms and easily replace human agents. 

These are the top chatbots in the world which CIOs and IT heads can use in their organizations to save on costs and replace human agents.