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Spirent Demonstrates Range of Security Solutions at Black Hat and DEF CON 2017

Spirent Communications, a leader in test and measurement, has demonstrated its range of security solutions at Black Hat and DEF CON 2017 conferences. Spirent security experts will lead multiple sessions and facilitate discussions on the growing security challenges cyber security professionals face, including securing wireless and Internet of Things (IoT) deployments, in addition to hosting demonstrations. Several sessions will focus specifically on connected cars and many connected devices.

 “Spirent’s expanded focus on security is addressing the emergence of a connected world and the implications it has for security, privacy, and safety,” said John Weinschenk, general manager of applications and security at Spirent. “Black Hat and DEF CON present outstanding opportunities to engage with attendees and discuss the latest developments in attack techniques, testing scenarios, and the need for performance and security effectiveness in new and existing products and IoT deployments.”

Spirent representatives will demonstrate industry-leading CyberFlood security software with new advanced fuzzing, DDoS, malware, and other capabilities for testing advanced threat defense solutions.

Attendees will be able to learn about the scanning, penetration testing, monitoring, and source code analysis security services available from Spirent SecurityLabs for networks, wireless infrastructures, websites, mobile applications, embedded devices, and automotive. Showcased in the booth will be demonstrations of the Spirent GNSS RF-level Record and Playback system, used to test the resilience of location-based systems—such as those in connected vehicles—against jamming and spoofing attacks. Auto designers use this system to check the robustness of GNSS systems in a lab environment. Spirent offers services to check the resilience of GNSS location-based systems against spoofing and jamming events.

As medical devices become increasingly vulnerable to cyber-attacks, Vlad Gostomelsky and Stan Naydin, M.D., will lead a session on bio hacking and the ethical implications associated with connected medical devices that are not secured. The session will also describe several medical devices that have been tested by Spirent recently and the vulnerabilities that were uncovered.

“We live in an era where the very implanted heart that keeps you alive can be evidence in a court of law,” said Gostomelsky. “Neuroscience is now a tool used by marketing firms, and we will engage attendees in a discussion on NeuroEthics, as well as describe recent cases where medical devices were used as evidence against patients.”


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