Rockmetric Releases Its ‘Cognitive Search’ for Analytics on Microsoft Azure

Rockmetric launches its natural language-driven ‘Cognitive Search’ for Analytics on Microsoft Azure. The solution automates access to ad-hoc queries, powerful insights and routine analysis without any need to learn SQL. Enterprises can now facilitate a data-driven culture at scale without having to expand reporting teams.

Business teams struggle with high turnaround time for analysis, which requires tedious manual effort and coordination among multiple teams. Many companies have large armies of analysts and operators spending many hours on spreadsheets, SQL queries and complex BI tools to respond to data requests from business teams.

With Cognitive Search for Analytics, enterprises can create an intelligence layer over their databases. Teams can then request queries such as “Why did the Sales for Product A dip in London during May?” or “Which are the fastest growing Products for Women from New York” and automate the delivery of powerful insights with beautiful charts over channels such as email without human intervention.

“Microsoft Azure has a comprehensive breadth of offerings across IaaS, PaaS, Analytics and AI and is an ideal cloud platform for Rockmetric,” said Nimesh Mehta, Founder and CEO of Rockmetric. “We are excited to partner with Microsoft to help individuals in enterprises globally achieve more with data and AI.”

Bharat Sandhu, Director, Product Marketing Big Data and Analytics at Microsoft Corp. added, “Rockmetric delivers an enterprise solution to drive the adoption of data-driven decision making at scale. Our mutual customers can take advantage of innovation in Data and AI using Microsoft Azure.”

Rockmetric uses Azure as a strategic public cloud platform, enabling customers globally to get started with advanced analytics to monitor business and support operations without large up-front investments. The company’s analytics platform integrates Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, Microsoft Azure SQL Data Warehouse and SQL Server to provide enterprise- grade reliability and security at scale and Microsoft Azure Data Factory to automate the data pipeline and connect with several popular enterprise databases. Rockmetric takes advantage of Azure’s global footprint to address data sovereignty concerns and provide the flexibility of local storage options and stands to gain from the shared go-to-market and co-sell initiatives globally with Microsoft Azure.