Multi TV rolls out live stream solution ‘BeLive’

MultiTV has launched its most innovative product ‘BeLive’ which offers a complete platform to deliver powerful and exceptional video experiences.

With an aim to bring intelligence into the customer experience spanning across all the industries, ‘BeLive’ presents live streaming solutions to all kinds of events including Corporate Conferences, Educational and Entertainment events etc. Apart from private sector enterprises, it also caters to Government Seminars & Conferences and Mass Sporting Events through its exceptional live streaming solutions.

Unveiling the state-of-the-art product ‘BeLive’, Mr. Vikash Samota, Founder, Multi TV Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd. said, “We take pride in bringing professional and high quality orchestrate sophisticated cross-section video solutions by offering end-to-end OTT, Live Streaming, Programmatic Video Advertising and TV Ad Tracking services through BeLive.”

BeLive already has successfully offered its services to over 36 leading companies which include industrial giants like Samsung, Micromax and Maruti through live streaming of events on any device. Anticipating the needs of the industries and above all to improve the experiences of consumer interaction BeLive offers live streaming companies’ websites, social media platforms like Facebook, twitter and YouTube along with premium publishers like Forbes India, Firstpost etc.

Promising incremental reach, the services offered by ‘BeLive’ include the following:

•    5M+ Unique user reach in a day

•    TV Broadcast Quality best in-class Video Streaming

•    Real Time Reporting on 45+ Parameters

•    Monitoring in real-time using customised dashboard

•    BeLive streaming engine for both real-time and recorded viewing