Microsoft to lay off up to 5,000 globally

According to TechCrunch, Microsoft is laying off 5000 people globally to put its focus on new areas. While the lay offs are mainly centred on the marketing and sales department, people in the engineering department might also face the wrath.

The company has been able to find new revenue sources after it failed to draw interest from consumers in areas such as smartphones, Windows business and other digital drives. However, it is finding the fresh hope from its Azure business which is growing significantly. 

Enterprise customers are adopting Azure platform for their enterprise needs in various geographies. Besides, it is looking at hiring people for selling its 365 offering which have gained momentum in the business and enterprise circles.

But it would be interesting to see how Microsoft plans ahead after the layoffs and deals with the competition from startups and other companies which have gone ahead to reap the digital harvest. The layoffs will affect all major geographies.