Microsoft Announced AI Updates – AI for Earth, MSR AI hub, and AI-Product Updates

On July 12, 2017, at an AI event in London, Microsoft highlighted the progress it is making towards its vision of making artificial intelligence available to everyone, with a specific focus on the intersection of AI, people and society and Microsoft’s role and responsibility. From a new MSR AI team within the Microsoft Research Labs organization, to the launch of AI for Earth, Microsoft is continuing to invest in artificial intelligence to bring new technology to consumers, businesses and developers everywhere. Here’s a look at some of the things that were announced:

Microsoft announced Microsoft Research AI (MSR AI), a new research and incubation hub within Microsoft Research focused on solving some of the most difficult challenges in AI. The new team will pursue innovations in both theory and practice, investing in the computational foundations of AI and in projects that will accelerate delivering AI advances to people and organizations.

Microsoft emphasized their commitment to making AI accessible and inclusive to everyone through an exploration of new AI design principles and an Ethical Design Guide for AI, which is an internal guidance that was built to be a resource for everyone working on AI products or incubations.

Microsoft announced AI for Earth, a program aimed at empowering people and organizations to solve global environmental challenges by increasing access to AI tools, education opportunities and skills, and accelerating innovation. Learn more about AI for Earth here.

Microsoft released Seeing AI as an iOS app, available at no additional charge, that narrates the world around you. The app is now available to iOS customers in the United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, New Zealand and Singapore. Learn more about Seeing AI here.

Microsoft’s Cambridge research lab announced a new partnership with machine reading expert Max Welling from the University of Amsterdam.

Microsoft announced a new cognitive service, Bing Entity Search API, as well as updates to Project Prague (the gestures SDK) and Presentation Translator.