LazyPay partners with Ridlr to offer its commuters ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ service

'LazyPay’, PayU India’s exclusive deferral payment offering, has announced its partnership with 'Ridlr', the largest mass transit app in India, to enable ‘Buy Now Pay Later’ facility for its users. Using this premium check out experience Ridlr users can purchase BEST bus tickets and recharge passes on BEST as well as Mumbai Metro, in a single step without having to make a payment at the time of transaction. The customers are allowed to make the payment for all their tickets at one go, within 15 days from the date of transaction. This saves daily commuters from the hassle of going through the payment process on every journey. The transaction process through LazyPay is as simple as tap and go and provides convenience and seamless purchase experience to travelers while standing in a crowded bus.

Jitendra Gupta, MD, PayU India said, “We are truly excited to partner with Ridlr. LazyPay will act as boon to BEST bus travellers in Mumbai who have to buy tickets daily almost twice a day and follow cumbersome payment process. Our goal has always been to drive frictionless purchase experience. LazyPay will target over 1 million users through this key partnership with Ridlr." 

Talking about the partnership, Brijraj Vaghani, CEO, Ridlr said, “Normally our users are booking tickets on the go, either on the bus or at bus stops and the primary mode of payments has been wallets. However, with LazyPay, the bottleneck of adding money is eliminated making the process very smooth for our users. We are excited to further deepen our partnership with PayU who have been our online payments partner from the first day we launched ticketing”.

Ridlr and LazyPay will further extend this facility to buy tickets for other mass transit systems as well.