GOQii launches Arena Motivation Network and Auto food recognition feature ‘Referee’

GOQii announced two new updates to its app under the names GOQii Arena and GOQii Referee. Arena is a motivational platform that will help GOQii users, to connect and motivate each other in making a lifestyle change for a better and healthy life. Along with Arena, a revolutionary food auto detect feature called ‘Referee’ has also been introduced. ‘Referee’ can automatically detect the food from the plate. All that the user has to do is take a picture of his food plate and Referee will detect what food it is and its nutrition information by scanning the food photos.

The users through GOQii Arena can create their own groups of people with similar health goals and challenge each other, thereby creating opportunities to promote healthy living. Using Arena, users can share images of the food, activity, Karma donation with their coach and friends. With the increase in use of social media and apps, most use persuasive technology to steer its users to click on ads or buy products. GOQii aims to use persuasive technology to help the users in developing healthy habits through Arena.  

GOQii Referee, is a food and nutrition detector which uses food recognition machine learning algorithms to identify many different foods and their nutrition information. Using artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, computer vision and image recognition, Referee identifies the nutrition information in Indian and Continental cuisines. GOQii Referee has been tested on thousands of diverse dishes ranging from Indian and Continental cuisine list.

Speaking on this new development, Vishal Gondal, CEO and Founder, GOQii said “One of the feedback that we constantly received from our players was how it was cumbersome to type food intake on a daily basis and log. ‘Referee’ will now make it easy for the players to just click a picture and log food to share with coach and friends and making it fun and exciting to meet their health goals” 

Speaking on GOQii Arena, Gondal explains: “There are 3 circles of motivation within the GOQii ecosystem. One is the player himself/herself, second is the Coach and lastly motivation comes from friends. GOQii Arena will offer GOQii players unprecedented opportunities to connect with new people, share and encourage healthy living, and magnify one’s own fitness and health quotient for a better and healthy life.”

Some of the food items that Referee can detect include the following:

Chaat (Bhel Puri, Sev Puri)
Food Items with rice
Variety of Fruits