Google Acquihires Bengaluru Startup Halli Labs

Google has acquired a Bangaluru-based startup Halli Labs which is a stealth company that had announced to work on machine learning technologies to solve traditional problems.

This was formally announced by Google executive Caesar Sengupta yesterday. The company was founded by Pankaj Gupta, a data scientist. Pankaj Gupta has also been the CTO at Stayzilla in the past. The acquisition is an indication that Google wants to tap the best talent in the country and utilize it for its goals and objectives around new technologies such as AI, VR, ML, etc.

Pankaj Gupta will continue to head the acquired company to help Google leverage the benefits of its stealth sides. 

Google is expected to further increase its footprint in the Indian market through acquisitions and increasing its presence in the consumer base in India. The company has deep presence in the country as it has developed content capabilities for most of its products in local languages. As the digital penetration is increasing the company is moving to tier 2 and tier 3 cities. The company is increasing content in vernacular languages and working closely with content creators to bridge the gap.