First Ever Career and College Counseling Awards to be held in India

IC3 Awards, India’s first ever career and college counseling awards will be held at the 2017 Annual International Career and College Counseling Conference on 30 August at the JW Marriott, New Delhi. These awards have been initiated to felicitate schools, counselors and universities for their contributions to the field of career and college counseling.

The individuals and educational institutions who have demonstrated leadership in establishing career counseling practices, driven knowledge sharing through collaboration and have mastered the dynamic world of careers will be considered for five awards in three categories.

Award Category A: Career and College Counselors
Lifetime Achievement Award
Emerging Counselor Award
Counselor of the Year Award
Award Category B: Admissions Professionals at Universities
Counseling-based Approach to Student Recruitment/Admissions
Award Category C: Best School for Career and College Counseling
The seven-member jury is a part of the IC3 Committee, who have years of experience in the education and career counseling field. These members will be judging the winners by evaluating them on their expertise, achievements and contribution to the field of counseling.

Speaking about the initiative, Mr. Ganesh Kohli, IC3 Conference Chair | President and Chief Mentor, KIC UnivAssist and Former High School college counselor said, “Strengthening our efforts toward our mission to transform lives through career counseling and its practices in India and the world over, we are excited to be pioneering the IC3 Awards. We intend to break geographical barriers by attaining participation of over 500 professionals from all over the world, to include senior leaders, counselors, government officials and university representatives. Through this initiative, we aim to drive the need for proper counseling at every stage of a student’s life. The prime idea is to appreciate and celebrate the wonderful efforts taken up by schools, educators and counselors in transforming young lives.”

Commenting on the awards, Ms. Asma Ansari, Dean CIE and Placements at Daly College said, “A counselor plays the most important role in helping the students identify their interests and carve their future prospects. The Indian education industry has been the fastest growing sector in the world during the last decade, but the role of counselors has been always underrated, and the profession overall doesn’t receive the recognition that it should. The IC3 Awards is a great initiative to encourage the practice and the role that counselors play.”

Ms. Kanchi Khanna, Director (Outreach) at Ashoka University said, “Education has branched itself into an array of streams and this demands a clear understanding from students and counselors alike. With this changing landscape, the role of a counselor has evolved and there is a growing demand to incorporate a career counseling department within schools itself. Career counseling is the need of the hour and this must start as early as class 8 or 9. The IC3 Awards is a platform that will not only felicitate the star performers but will also go a long way in promoting counseling practices in high schools and has the potential to mold careers in a positive and impactful manner.”

The winners will be recognized for their achievements and felicitated at the 2017 Annual IC3 Conference. The nomination entries are open till 20 July 2017.