Facebook Shuts Down AI Bot After It Invented Its Own Language

Researches at Facebook were forced to shut down their AI Bot as it was developing its own language, which was not understandable to them. This is an incident of a mammoth scale. This is an indication of how machines can jeopardize human existence in the future. When it became difficult to rein on the AI bot at Facebook, they had to shut down the artificial intelligence (AI) program.

If reports are to be believed, the Facebook AI bot developed its own code words to make communication more efficient. Researchers took it offline when they realized it was no longer using English. With this incident, the premonitions of human-vs-machine conflicts are apparent. If AI and ML becomes more powerful and matches human intelligence, it would be impossible for humans to stay on this planet. Machines might eventually take over and destroy humanity. 

Facebook was working on this platform for a while and trying to figure out ways to make it more efficient. The learnings from this has to be used in other programs so that the control of humans could be ensured. 

While this looks an incident taken out of a fiction, the researchers’ encounter with the mysterious AI behavior is not unique in this case. Similar cases have been documented earlier elsewhere. In every case, the AI diverged from its training in English and developed a new language that could make communication fast and easy. It is upto researchers how to handle cases like this and create a better system that can control AI and rein in on their capability to breach into systems and destroy order.