Entrepreneurs Needs good Advisors to succeed in the Long Run

By: Pandoo Naig, Director Onelife Capital Advisors

Success doesn’t comes easy, like many other things in life ‘it takes a village’ to become successful in your business. To drive the business Millennial’s are constantly making mistakes and breaking the basic rules, they want to earn quick money and go for shortcuts.

Without a proper guidance, in the form of an advisor or mentor, you may end up making primary mistakes that would have been avoidable. The smaller you are, the faster you need to move, often without enough information to make perfect choices. This is where you need to have good advisors who can help you promote your business with the same ambitions.

The advisor will set up right expectations which helps in advising companies of the right business strategies to create the right business value that investors want to see.

They have the ability to assist companies in implementing corporate governance strategies, formulating business plans and management structuring which further helped them grow exponentially.
From fund raising during the seed, to growth and expansion phases as well as acquisition financing and structuring the deal to maximize value for all its stakeholders advisors become more like your mentors.

If you notice, some startups are doing extremely good, and seem to be everywhere while others, at the same time and with the same amount of talent/ funding, seem to fail. You can’t assemble the plane alone; that is where good advisors can help.

If your business is not growing, don’t worry you can always look for good advisors, it’s never too late.