Stone-stacking robot with autonomous action is here?

Ever wondered of a robot that will help in the construction work and other manual deed? Traditionally we've seen robots doing a lot of industrial works where they can lift and carry big objects, and where they can fly around dragonflies. However, we've not seen any robot until now which can stack stones perfectly. But this robot will make you think and force you to believe on the unbelieveable. This robot can stack stones very well and replace humans in this task as well. It means labourers and masons have a reason to worry now as robots are here to compete against them.

According to report published in TechCrunch, researchers at ETH Zurich have come out with a robot in their new project, “Autonomous Robotic Stone Stacking with Online next Best Object Target Pose Planning.” If the reports are to believed, the robot can autonomously lift stones and stack them perfectly. It can do things in a perfect manner even if the stones and rocks are of a different size and kind. This is new and a step further in realizing the autonomous future. 

It further writes to explain that 'the system is completely autonomous and the robot receives no human input to pick up and stack non-homogenous rocks.' Researchers are achieving new heights with artificial intelligence and machine learning. This is one such example which is putting a new challenge to regular things in life. 

If this turns out to be a true news, it has a reason to cheer and worry. While it may take away a few jobs, it will rid humans of the monotonous work. But AI still has a long way to go and become a potent tool to reach a level that can surpass human intelligence.