School dropout builds blood donation app to help people in distress

Meet Kiran Verma, a common man from Delhi who have created World’s First Virtual Blood Donation Platform called "Simply Blood". 

Simply Blood, a social startup by Kiran Verma connects a person who needs blood directly with a blood donor, making the process transparent. 

The school dropout turned founder has taken it upon himself to ensure that nobody who needs blood suffers, while people who want to donate blood need not worry about misuse.

As Kiran claims on the fundraiser page, Simply Blood since its release of the android app on 29 January 2017 with a humble aim to save 100 potential lives in 2017, in less than 4 months has saved more than “700 potential lives at ‘NO COST’ to receiver or blood donor.”

"Following the motive of the app, we taking the blood from a blood donor without any need, but we are connecting a blood donor with the needy directly without any middlemen" he said.