Kaspersky Lab Anti Targeted Attack Platform Becomes “Trail Blazer”

A competitive analysis of the market for Advanced Persistent Threats (APT) by The Radicati Group has awarded Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack platform “Trail Blazer” quadrant status, one of its top market leadership positions. The result means that the product has been recognized for its advanced, best of breed technology with potential for disrupting the market, improving its position from Specialist.

Targeted attacks such as APTs are some of the most dangerous risks for enterprises and the threats that cybercriminals use are constantly evolving.  At the same time, the cost of launching a targeted attack has reduced and the volume of attacks has increased. The market position awarded by Radicati Group validates Kaspersky Lab's multi-layered approach which helps businesses to implement an adaptive security strategy in countering targeted attacks and advanced threats.

Kaspersky Lab’s Anti Targeted Attack (KATA) helps organisations to mitigate the risks by detecting targeted attacks at an earlier stage, dealing with live attacks and improving protection against future attacks. The main strengths of the solution highlighted by The Radicati Group experts include:
Advanced threat and targeted attack detection across all layers of a targeted attack – initial infection, command and control communications, and lateral movements and data exfiltration. 
Flexible implementation, with separate network sensors and compatible, optional lightweight endpoint sensors, as well as hardware independent software appliances.
Kaspersky Security Network is one of the largest threat intelligence databases, providing an ability to check files, URLs, domains and behavior popularity and reputation in order to detect suspicions and reduce false alerts.
Kaspersky Private Security Network (KPSN) offers private threat intelligence database installation capabilities for isolated networks in support of regulatory compliance requirements
Kaspersky Lab also offers targeted attack mitigation services, which include training, response, and discovery. 

Oleg Glebov, Anti Targeted Attacks Solution Business Lead at Kaspersky Lab at Kaspersky Lab, commented: “We are delighted that our Anti Targeted Attack solution has been recognized as a Trail Blazer in the anti-APT market in such a respected industry report as that compiled by The Radicati Group. Kaspersky Lab has always been a pioneer in helping businesses to adapt their security strategies to defend against advanced threats and targeted attacks, and the move from “Specialist” to “Trail Blazer” shows that our strategy for disrupting the market is working. ”

Sara Radicati at The Radicati Group said: “Kaspersky Lab’s solution shows real innovation in the market because it meets customer needs in advanced detection, across all layers, using one technology solution. This is one of the main reasons why we have positioned Kaspersky Lab as a Trail Blazer and in time the solution well poised to grow into the Top Player quadrant. As part of an adaptive security strategy, Kaspersky Anti Targeted Attack Platform provides advanced detection that goes beyond most conventional, prevention-focused security solutions.”