Haptik Releases World’s First Open Source Chatbot NER

Haptik, AI powered Personal Assistant, announced it is open-sourcing its proprietary Named Entity Recognition (NER) System that powers the chatbots in Haptik’s Android & iOS apps.

Haptik’s chatbots process close to 5 million requests a month using the Chatbot-NER system, making Haptik one of the world’s largest direct to conversational consumer commerce platforms and NER the first of its kind open-source tech designed specifically for chatbots.

“We started working on chatbots in 2013 well before they were cool and we had this an awesome community and such great international events”, said Aakrit Vaish, Co-Founder & CEO of Haptik, who made the announcement during his Product/UX keynote presentation at the Summit. “Developer tools and open source technology play a key part in the evolution of any platform. Open-sourcing Haptik Chatbot NER is our way of contributing to the accelerating growth in chatbot development, and advancing the overall paradigm change this technology is capable of creating.”

Named Entity Recognition is a widely used technology component, which any product that uses machine learning to comprehend textual datasets is built on. While NER technology is a common feature in many social media, news apps, Ad-Tech, search engines, analytics platforms etc., it hasn’t yet been customized for chatbots. Haptik, which recently won the Amazon Web Service (AWS) award for Deep Tech in Mobility, has been the first to successfully customize and open source NER Technology for chatbots.

Haptik’s Chatbot-NER identifies specific demand based entities entered by Haptik-users to gauge their needs and provide assistance accordingly. Haptik is now open-sourcing this code for other developers to tinker with and build on.

“Earlier this year, we declared that all developers in the company who contributed to open-source technologies would receive special rewards from us,” said Swapan Rajdev, Co-Founder & CTO of Haptik, who is himself an active open source contributor. “The NLP team took this to the next level by investing time outside work to create this customizable open-source solution. I am extremely proud of them and it is developments like these that make a lasting impact.”

Chatbot-NER’s no-restriction availability means that developers and programmers can skip years of data mining and architecture to implement facilities like personal assistance, e-commerce, insurance, healthcare, fitness, etc. in their applications. There are predefined entities like restaurant names, cuisine, city list, time, date, etc. that can be used out of the box in Haptik Chatbot NER. Creating custom entities or editing the current ones is as easy as merely adding data using a given template. This list of uses is far from exhaustive, as now anyone can access the code and further develop the Chatbot-NER to even greater potential usage and applications.

Chatbot NER is available starting today for developers to download, install, customize and use for free. It's hosted in a Git Repository - https://github.com/hellohaptik/chatbot_ner .