Gaana turns social for a better musical experience - “Share Music, Share happiness"

Listening to Gaana is no longer a solitary pursuit, limited to one’s headphones, car or room… with Gaana Social, users can share their music with anyone, anywhere, anytime - spreading the joy that only music can bring.

When a listener hears a song that sets her pulse racing – she wants to share it with her gang, friends and family immediately. The new Gaana Social feature lets her do just that. Users can share their favorite playlists, see what their friends are listening to, follow favorite artists and top trends – creating deep social connections.

Prashan Agarwal, COO,, said “We spent a lot of time in understanding how our users listen to music and found that they had a deep emotional desire to share their music with their friends and family in a seamless experience..Gaana Social does just that for its users, developing deeper social connections and creating content virality”.

Gaana Social will enable users to maintain social media connections, when logged in from Facebook and will also allow making new friends through various discovery points in the app.  With Gaana social users will be able to;
Connect with Friends: Follow your friends, Discover music they love, Share music you love
·         Discover amazing people & music: Find people who love music. Connect with them. Discover with them
Discover best of Gaana: Enjoy music curated by editors & Gaana network - all personalized for you.

Gaana’s continued focus to enrich product experience has also been applauded by its users; Gaana app has received 4.65 star rating on all its all recent releases taking its overall rating to 4.3 stars on playstore . This is an impressive feat considering the fact that Gaana has over a million reviews on the playstore alone. Gaana has received 5-star ratings from nearly 60% of its million+ reviewers on the store. This speaks volumes of Gaana’s loyal user base and consumer affinity for Gaana app.

Gaana continues to strengthen its leadership position, after adding Facebook messenger bot, Android Auto, Amazon Fire TV & Chromecast last year ; Gaana is now working on a voice search & play feature for its Android users. Users would simply tap the mic to hear their farvoite tracks as the voice search delivers much better experience as it is faster, more convenient, and less prone to typing errors.  

It seems like Gaana has a philosopher’s stone, with multiple new product innovations, platform integrations, awards and recognitions in the recent past al turning to gold. Including being quoted in the ‘bible’ of the internet -  the 2017 KPCB Internet Trends Report by the technology oracle herself Mary Meeker who used Gaana’s 300% growth to illustrate the India’s spectacular internet growth.