Elara Technologies files new patent for AR/VR

Elara Technologies Pte Ltd., which owns Housing.com, PropTiger.com and Makaan.com, has become the first Indian online real estate company to file an international patent for technological advancements in 3D augmented and virtual reality. This technological innovation will enhance the online home-buying and search experience like never before. 

This development follows continued investment in this space by the company and boosted by strategic acquisitions of companies such as OoBI and 3Dphy as well as creation of an in-house world-class R&D team.  The implementation of this state-of-the-art technology will bring down the turnaround time to develop and deliver 3D models of properties by almost 90%. It will make virtual reality more scalable, automatic and cost-effective for developers. The advanced technology will help developers give a fully immersive, interactive photo realistic experience and making 3D a product accessible for everyone.

This latest technology comprises two unique features including data compression and progressive loading to provide a streamlined way to view homes on any device be it mobile, tablets or laptops. While the first feature makes heavy 3D files lighter, the second allows users to view properties in 3D and VR spaces faster and seamlessly even in places of slow internet connection.

Commenting on the development, Ravi Bhushan, CPTO, PropTiger.com, Housing.com and Makaan.com said, “We have always strived to enhance transparency and convenience for our customers. Our ongoing investment in technology reiterates our commitment to support continuous innovation and customer centricity. In keeping with our philosophy to enrich digital real estate experiences with latest technologies, the company is investing in AR/VR, which is demonstrated by the filling of international patents.” 

How it works :
The strength of these patented algorithms is in the fact that it understands any 2D image so beautifully and in depth that it can extract out hidden 3D related information from them. Along with this they also have sophisticated in-house image processing engine which uses these to finally render 3D visualizations for end-users. The other salient aspect of this entire technology is it's ability to compress the models so efficiently that it can be deployed on the cloud for consumption over internet and is also ready for VR devices