Artificial Intelligence has changed the way we parent: Nurturey

Every parent wants what’s best for their child. It’s little hard to raise kids nowadays. Earlier it was easier but now starting off with a more modern mind frame, today’s families are finding it difficult when it comes to parenting.

A large majority of parents surveyed think that technology use will act as a helping hand in the growth of their child. According to FOSI’s research report,Sixty-four percent (64%) of parents think that technology use has a positive effect on their child’s creativity.

Never have parents had this much information in the palm of their hand. Nothing can replace good primary care, of course, but now parents  can be armed with information well before they walk into a hospital.

In the form of a multi skilled Personal Assistant, Nurturey is the only comprehensive solution supporting parents from pregnancy to early years of parenting. Once parents sign up, they will find a variety of digital productivity tools that they can activate, as relevant to the age, gender, personality, interests or other aspects of their kids. The platform also integrates information to build a meaningful memory.