Udacity has launched the Business Analyst Nanodegree Program

Udacity has announced the launch of Business Analyst Nanodegree in collaboration with Alteryx, a leader in self-service data analytics and Tableau, global leader in data visualisation products focused on business intelligence.This new course, that can be completed part-time and is self-paced,  is structured to give students the needed skills to apply business analytics methodologies to real-world business problems while advancing their careers. The program will cover topics like analytical datasets, data visualisation, classification models, time series forecasting etc.  

With an acute shortage of professionals in analytics by 2018, millions of jobs are expected to be created, however, the challenge is to match this demand with adequate supply especially in. The scope is huge in India as many companies around the world outsource their analytical requirements to India. The course will help students deliver data-driven business decisions that will make them an asset for any company looking to utilise these skills for business intelligence. 

Commenting on the launch, Ishan Gupta, MD, Udacity, “ The digital age is transforming and restructuring the working world and the pace of change is exponential. Analytics lies at the centre of all tech advancements and therefore, it has become a much needed and core skill. All important business decisions are analytics and data driven and recruiters are on the lookout for analysts who can derive insights from the data and help businesses take key decisions. 

He added, “ It has become extremely essential for organisations to focus on existing employees and make them ready for jobs of tomorrow. Launching this course is a step towards helping professionals to take charge of their careers and upskill to stay relevant in today’s scenario. With this course we aim to open new career avenues for students as there is a demand for this skill in both national and international markets.”