CA Tech Names by Working Mother One of 2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women

CA Technologies has been named one of the 2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women by Working Mother magazine—an honor that recognizes  U.S. companies that create and use best practices in hiring, retaining and promoting women of color. This year marks the 15th anniversary of the list, out today, which is featured in the June/July issue of Working Mother and posted on

The Working Mother Research Institute has conducted the study since 2003, tracking corporations’ progress in promoting women of color and evaluating their representation at every level of management and decision-making.

I am incredibly proud that Working Mother magazine has once again named CA Technologies a Best Company for Multicultural Women.  We know that creating an environment where each person is empowered to fully leverage their unique talents results in innovative solutions that remove the barriers between ideas and outcomes for our customers. 

Subha V. Barry, senior vice president & managing director, Working Mother Media, says, “Since its inception, the Best Companies for Multicultural Women has grown from just three qualifying companies to 25 winners who have created forward-thinking policies and initiatives that have grown the talent and expertise of multicultural women. We applaud our winners who create opportunity for multicultural women to be hired, trained and advanced in the workforce.”

Meredith Bodgas, editor-in-chief, Working Mother Media, states, “For the second year in a row, multicultural women make up 17% of the top fifth of earners at the Best Companies, which is significantly higher than their representation among corporate executives. This year’s report is a testament to both the leadership of the top companies and a reminder of the crucial work that still needs to be done to advance women of color in the workplace.”

Key findings of the 2017 Working Mother report include:

Top Earners Progress
Multicultural women at the Best Companies held steady year over year at 17% of the top fifth of earners, surprisingly high since they make up only 4% of corporate executives.

Total Workforce Composition
Multicultural women make up 22% and multicultural men 19% of the total workforce at the Best Companies, both increasing one percentage point over last year.

Multicultural women represent 16% of employees hired into manager and 10% of employees  hired into senior manager positions, each increasing one percentage point over last year. They also represent 4% of those hired as corporate executives, matching last year and equaling the average representation of multicultural women in that position overall.

CEO Commitment
At 100% of the Best Companies, CEOs show their commitment to advancing diversity and inclusion by requiring a diversity executive to report back to him/her on metrics. They also meet regularly to review goals and performance and provide information on diversity and inclusion to the board of directors.

Best Companies Workforce Composition
The 2017 Best Companies for Multicultural Women employ more than 2.5 million workers at 25,000 worksites across 50 states in the following 11 industries: Automotive; Consumer Products; Financial Services; Hospitality; Hospitals and Healthcare; Insurance; Manufacturing; Professional Services, Management Consulting and Accounting; Retail and Apparel; Science, Technology, Engineering, Aerospace and Medical Devices; and Telecommunications.