Mumbai gets it’s first neighbor‘hood’ connect App – Living Local.

Moved recently to the city or are you keen on running a social local initiative? Living Local, a neighborhood connect app lets you champion your neighborhood by connecting you to people around you. With over 20,000 users, the app helps Mumbaikars communicate with their local neighborhood for all kinds of information and activities around them. Living Local is the only neighbor‘hood’ networking platform that focuses on giving users an online identity based on their Hood.
Living Local has launched its app on both Android and iOS platforms.

‘Hooders’, as the Living Local team defines, are dwellers of a neighbor‘hood’ who love to enhance their sense of belongingness to their place by seeking, helping and discovering information through other hooders. From recommended brunch options to new eateries opening in your hood, best chaat recommendations in the area to car-pooling to office during weekdays, Living Local helps hooders connect and socialize with their fellow hooders.

Communications happening in your Hood can be explored on an unique category-based HoodLine (similar to a social media timeline). A user has an option to explore or post on the Hoodline based on his or her key categories of interest such as local awareness, food and nightlife, pets, kids and parenting, social causes, household needs etc. 

Another unique feature in the App is the newly introduced HoodGuide. It provides relevant neighborhood specific information aggregated in one place to all the users. Local authorities (MLA, BMC corporator) to emergency numbers, places for Aadhar card, closest RTO, Local attractions, etc. form this dynamic HoodGuide which acts like a cheat sheet with access to all the important information that a hooder seeks.

All suggestions posted by users on the Hoodline are by default collected in a section of the app called Recommendations. Users can quickly browse through these recommendations shared by fellow hooders based on their experiences. It is slated to emerge as a unique platform for people from all walks of life to help them create a sense of oneness and a better living in their neighborhood.

Unveiling the features of the app, Anubhav Anand, co-founder & CEO, Living Local said, “While the world is on social media, we are still finding it hard to reach out to the closest people that surround us in our neighborhood. This app will provide, the much needed, targeted reach and connect in a unique and convenient way for all, sharing a common neighborhood. Be it to seek help or recommend or share things. Living Local is designed to help people enhance and enrich their local living. After having received a positive response to our Living Local website over the last one year, we believe that through this app, we are uniquely positioned to create a heightened sense of belonging among Hooders. Living Local invites everyone to #ClaimYourHood that gives users a unique online identity based on their Hood.”

Neeraj Vasudeva, Co-founder and COO of Living Local, said, “We’re at an interesting crossroad where entertainment, information sharing and the digital media space is all coming together. This convergence presents a huge potential to create a platform that can make a whole neighborhood connect to each other at all times. It has been an enjoyable journey so far, and we hope to leverage its success as an online portal to make the app more exciting for our hooders to use.”

Living Local currently connects people within 55 neighbor’hoods’. With over 20,000 Hooders already on the platform it aims to cross 150k users in the next 6 months.