AccuWeather Launches Big Data and Analytics Solutions at Google Next 17

AccuWeather, a leader in weather information and digital media, has announced the launch of new data and analytics solutions in Google's Commercial Dataset program.  Newly integrated on Google Cloud Platform, leaders can view the impacts of weather on business performance to make data driven decisions that drive results.

AccuWeather D3 Analytics takes the most complete global real-time and historical weather database based on unique datasets from around the world with exclusive observations, satellite, radar, and proprietary metrics to uncover new levels of business intelligence through proprietary statistical analytics and predictive modeling.  AccuWeather data scientists utilize proprietary analytics techniques based on geospatial time series analytics, machine learning, and 55 years of industry-leading meteorological expertise, analyzing thousands of potential weather factors to provide the most accurate and actionable insights for businesses.  AccuWeather provides the most accurate forecasting data in the world, from AccuWeather MinuteCast® Minute-by-Minute, Hour by Hour, and Day by Day Forecasts through 90-Days, to make predictions based on businesses' needs that inform logistics, sales planning, inventory control, supply chain, and more.

AccuWeather will demonstrate the power of weather data and analytics for businesses at the 2017 Google Next Innovation Summit through March 10 in San Francisco, CA.  Google Next brings together executives, customers, partners, developers, IT decision makers, and Google Engineers to build the future of the cloud through 200 sessions on the Google Cloud Platform, G Suite, Devices, and more.

"AccuWeather is proud to collaborate with Google and participate in the Google Cloud Technology Partner Program," stated David Mitchell, Vice President of Digital Media, Emerging Platforms at AccuWeather.  "AccuWeather's industry-leading data and analytics expertise ensures that clients have the highest-demand products and services ready when and where they are needed to maximize business results.  It is why over 240 of Fortune 500 companies rely on AccuWeather, informing business decisions that create distinct competitive advantages."