Sonata gets US patent for ‘Multi-channel delivery of augmented messages’ for Halosys Mobility Platform

Sonata Software announced that its Unified Enterprise Mobility Platform Halosys had been granted a patent USPTO # 9,491,125 for its innovation on rule based notifications. The patent was granted for a key technology innovation in the Halosys platform that enables users to be notified across web, SMS, email and in-app push notifications based on events matching a pre-configured set of filters including the user’s location, time of day, along with the data from the event’s object graph. 

This patent has far-reaching implications beyond web and mobile, to automated systems that can trigger responses based on events in enterprise systems like ERP, CRM, enabling more intelligent and automated apps and bots applications to be deployed for digital business innovation.

Halosys is a Unified Enterprise Mobility Platform that enables enterprises to build, secure, deploy and manage a portfolio of mobile business applications, leveraging existing enterprise systems and data, from a single mobility technology platform. Halosys is also built to emerging IoT standards 

Sonata acquired Halosys headquartered in California in August 2015 and has increased its investment in developing the Halosys platform to be a world class enterprise mobility platform. 

Speaking on the patent grant, Sriram Chavali, Lead Inventor of the patent and co-founder Halosys said ‘This patent and the innovative technology behind the Halosys platform clearly marks the thought leadership of Halosys and Sonata in the enterprise mobility space. We are future-proofing our customers’ investment in our technology with valuable innovations that are ahead of the curve.’

Sonata uses Halosys and an extended portfolio of mobility solutions, to help leading global companies in the retail, manufacturing, distribution and travel segments, deploy scalable mobile and IoT led digital transformation programs with a platform based approach.