Quintype’s BootCamp trains new generation of coders

Quintype, a data driven SaaS Platform for the new age digital media based out of Bangalore and California, has extended their new employees the option to brush up and add on to their skills through a BootCamp program. The start-up backed by the Indian media baron Raghav Bahl, appreciates the role that big data, analytics & data driven decision making will play in the success of media organizations.

Consequently, Quintype has focused on consciously building a skilled technology team – with skills in data sciences, big data & analytics. Apart from hiring laterally, Quintype believes in investing in young talent, and skilling them up. Quintype believes in the benefits of running an internal BootCamp, as compared to outsourcing training to third parties. This BootCamp is its effort to get one step closer to this goal.

An internal BootCamp eliminates any chance of misunderstandings in the application logic, workflow and helps the employees hit the ground running, in the shortest possible time. Waltzing into the league of successful global startups, Quintype brought in the goodness of a pragmatic BootCamp right to the doorstep for its new employees.

Quintype’s BootCamp focuses on training its engineers in the latest cutting edge technology while also taking them back to the fundamentals. The new engineers are given the platform to work on real life problem situations and gradually introduced to product development under experienced mentors. Over a period of 4 weeks, the program enables a smooth landing for fresh talent. They are encouraged to ask questions, make mistakes, and the accent is entirely on learning during this period. Furthermore, the BootCamp serves as an ice-breaker and helps new recruits forge strong bonds with the more experienced hands at the company. The result – well groomed, confident engineers, ready to take on the Quintype challenge.

Tejas Dinkar, Code Monkey at Quintype said, “The current BootCamp focuses on the fundamentals of two different styles of programming, Object oriented programming and Functional Programming, primarily taught through the Ruby Language. We asked participants to pair with a different person hourly, helping ideas and styles to flow throughout the room. Based on the feedback from attendees, we are hoping to expand the scope of the BootCamp to also include topics like DevOps in the next few months"

Understanding and practicing top-down and bottom-up design, practical exercises to get the knack of different methodologies, understanding with practical implications of SOLID design principles and GoF design patterns, was covered throughout the duration of the program.

“The BootCamp was centered on learning the fundamentals of writing maintainable code. We also learned to pair program, which we felt was very effective. Pairing helped us look at different perspectives, and work as a team to solve the problem at hand”, said one of the participants.

“The BootCamp was structured to instill the habit of writing clean code that is easy to extend and maintain. In a short week the Quintype University Program managed to introduce us to the fundamentals of the work that we will be engaged in”, said another mentee, who wished that the program ran a little longer.