Acer Invests in IMAX Virtual Reality Fund

Acer announced that it has pledged to invest US$ 10 million in the IMAX VR Content Fund, which will support the development of high-quality and immersive VR content. Acer is among a group of likeminded companies, including leaders from the media and entertainment industry, who are investing in this fund and seeking to bring VR experiences to the next level.    

"Acer is excited to join forces with IMAX and other world-class investors to help foster top shelf content for the thriving VR industry," said Jason Chen, Corporate President & CEO, Acer Inc. "With this strategic investment and our deep collaboration with partners including Starbreeze in the hardware and entertainment sector, we hope to enable engaging and immersive VR experiences in IMAX VR centers and beyond."

During a press conference at IFA 2016 in Berlin, Acer and its joint venture partner, Starbreeze, announced that they had begun shipping cinematic StarVR® Head-Mounted Displays (HMD) to IMAX Corporation in preparation for the highly anticipated opening of the IMAX VR® Center in Los Angeles. But beyond just the hardware, Jason Chen highlighted at the event the importance of an emerging VR ecosystem and how a wide range of stakeholders, from hardware manufacturers to content creators, would need to work together and make premium VR a reality. 

Acer offers an industry-leading range of VR hardware, ranging from top-of-the-line, cinema grade HMDs, extending to accessible headsets, and VR-Ready PCs and platforms to power them all. The investment in this fund is an expansion of Acer’s commitment to this ecosystem and determination to ensure VR experiences can touch more people and enhance how they experience the world around them.