Paper Consumption: The scary Data!

Kodak Alaris is celebrating Halloween just in time for AIIM’s World Paper Free Day, and what could be scarier than the truth about paper consumption?

We know that paper will not go away any time soon (hopefully not for book lovers, among others). But in business, paper can quickly become a burden.

Kodak Alaris Information Management gathered some recent figures on paper consumption by businesses. As scary as ghosts, goblins and witches, here are the sobering facts about the challenges paper presents in today’s work environment.

Only 17% of organizations say they work in a “paper-free” environmentThough more and more “paper-free” projects are put in place 56% say the volume of paper in their business is increasing.The annual maintenance cost of one filing cabinet is about $2,604Meaning $521 is the average annual cost of maintaining just one drawer in a 5-drawer cabinet.
Among all documents, 7.5% get lost and 3% get misfiled$120 is the average cost of finding a misfiled document and $220 is the average cost of reproducing a lost document.The average office worker uses 10,000 sheets of paper each year… and wastes 1,410 of themWith 6 cents/a page, a business with 500 employees could be losing $42,000 each year to wasted paper. Ouch.
Kodak Alaris helps organizations achieve digital transformation and reduce the bottlenecks created by paper so they can be more efficient and productive.