Teradata Aster Analytics Going Places: On Hadoop and AWS

Teradata announced important new deployment options for the world’s most advanced multi-genre analytics engine:  Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop and Teradata Aster Analytics on Amazon Web Services (AWS).  Although previous versions of Aster Analytics required dedicated systems, now companies have the flexibility to accelerate valuable analytic insight from their data wherever it resides, building on their existing investments in Hadoop.

This flexibility supports Teradata’s strategy for a Hybrid Cloud architecture, the next generation of agility, flexibility, and integration between systems – and a more open approach to advanced analytics. Massive volumes of data from the Internet of Things (IoT), including sensors and digital mobile devices, have resulted in custom-tailored architectural approaches that include Hadoop and cloud. Teradata now adds compelling value to custom approaches.

“Many businesses are looking for a way to integrate advanced analytics into their existing infrastructure in an orchestrated, multi-tenant environment.  Teradata has just made this possible with Aster Analytics on Hadoop and Aster Analytics on AWS,” said Nik Rouda, Senior Analyst, ESG Global, who covers big data analytics. “These new options allow users to provision an analytic environment and start analyzing data they already have in a data lake or in the cloud.  With the AWS option, they can forego large CapEx investments and pay as they go while they experiment with advanced analytic technology.  In either case, these choices allow businesses to accelerate time to value and meet the analytic demands of their respective user communities – with significant economic advantages.”

“As migration to the cloud becomes the option-of-choice for Indian enterprises managing voluminous data, leveraging data analytics solutions to gather meaningful insights is now becoming a management ask by CXOs. Aster analytics is an excellent platform for Indian enterprises as it offers flexible solutions that address key business challenges while abridging business infrastructure challenges. New options and services allow users to provision for an analytic environment and start analyzing data they already have in data lakes or the cloud.  With the Amazon Web Services option coming in place, now Indian enterprise users across the spectrum have the ability to pay as they go depending on the business requirements and readiness to embrace hybrid environment,” highlighted Mr. Sunil Jose, Managing Director, Teradata India. 

In general, open source advanced analytics packages are not designed with business analysts in mind; they require specialized skills to use, deploy and maintain. And while advanced analytic tools have been adapted to work with Hadoop, they are not specifically designed to run on Hadoop and, as a result, they typically require data to be extracted into a dedicated platform.  These solutions are insufficiently scalable in terms of users, data and use cases.

"A core strength of Apache Hadoop is its extensibility and ability to embrace alternative analytic and processing engines. The addition of Teradata Aster Analytics to the industry's offerings is a genuine advance and gives customers a powerful new choice for demanding analytic applications," said Mike Olson, Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Cloudera, Inc.