Sterlite Tech’s Dr Arvind Mishra appointed to the Board of FTTH Council APAC

Sterlite Technologies develops and delivers high-quality optical communication products, network & system integration solutions and software services for telecoms globally. Sterlite Tech today announced the appointment of Dr Arvind Kumar Mishra as a member of the Board of Directors (BOD) of Fiber-to-the-Home Council (FTTH) Asia Pacific.

Dr Mishra has been chair of FTTH APAC Smart Cities Committee until his recent appointment to the BOD. He is driving efforts in promoting reliable and secure fiber communication network for cities evolving from ‘Standard to Smart’. The FTTx network provides unlimited super-fast broadband access and plays a crucial role in delivering future-proof smart services to all sections of the society.
The FTTH APAC Council is promoting standardisation in the design and operation of the fiber network. With the Government of India backing the 100 Smart Cities Mission by 2022, standardisation will ensure quality-backed smart network development based on global standards.
Dr Mishra brings more than 16 years of experience in telecommunications to the FTTH Council APAC. His current responsibilities towards India’s only Centre of Excellence for Broadband Research includes development of Tera-scale transport systems for long-distance core and metro applications, GPON & Next Generation PONs as well as optimal network architecture design. He has published over 40 articles in peer reviewed international journals and conferences in the area of high-speed optical communication system engineering. Prior to Sterlite Technologies, Dr Mishra had worked at several leading research organisations in Europe and led/contributed to work packages in several EU projects during 2001-2012.

In particular, he had worked at Philips Research, TU Eindhoven with COBRA Research Group in Netherlands, Photonic Systems Group in Ireland, Athens Information Technologies in Athens, Greece and Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Germany.

Elaborating on his role in the FTTH APAC Council, Dr Mishra said, “I aim to bring in standardisation in smart city development through global best practices and Sterlite Tech’s R&D expertise”. Adding further, he said, “Our primary goal is to provide right knowledge to assist with fundamental infrastructure development for Smart City projects which can be integrated over advanced FTTx communication networks. We believe that the fundamental requirement of a Smart City is the need for an intelligent information and communication system. The best way to provide this is through a reliable and secure fiber infrastructure.”
Highlighting the role that FTTH Council APAC will play, Dr. Badri Gomatam, Chief Technology Officer, Sterlite Technologies, said, “With the Council focussing on standardisation in communication network infrastructure for sustainable smart city development, governments globally will be able to avail technology alignment as well as interoperability between the various layers of smart city infrastructure. Network interconnections between smart communities, open standards for applications and content providers, and reduced cost of provisioning for designing and building common design standards, will be the other added benefits.”