Ultra Payments PayGate Payment solutions extended to include an automated Direct Debit Management System

Ultra Payments (formerly Barron McCann Payments), a business unit of Ultra Electronics, is pleased to announce that its PayGate Payment solutions now offer a fully BACS compliant integrated DDMS module.

Direct Debit management can be a time-consuming manual process, taking up resources to implement and costly if things go wrong. Failed Direct Debit collections caused by incorrect payer details can significantly impact a business' cash flow. PayGate Direct Debit software simplifies the complex task of collecting and managing direct debits for organisations and provides superior reconciliation and reporting tools for users.

As an enterprise solution, PayGate’s DDMS provides greater reconciliation and management, with a sophisticated user interface to provide greater visibility on non-paying debits. It also supports the “Current Account Switch Service” so that Direct Debits can be quickly identified, allowing banks to switch customer accounts within the 7 day deadline.

Organisations can benefit from a complete end-to-end platform, supporting multiple locations, users, payment and collections methods. Validation is also included, which coupled with the customer support and interaction that we offer as standard, helps to minimise errors, reduce fraud, and decrease costs. Additionally, it also enables easy collection of Direct Debits on-time and in full compliance with BACS scheme rules and best practice.

All existing customers of Ultra Payments can upgrade to include the DDMS module saving time and money. BACS submitters that are not Ultra Payment customers should contact us to discuss migrating to a payments solution with no end of life guaranteed, that is tested and ready to deploy immediately.

PayGate is available either as a cloud-based payment gateway, a hosted and managed enterprise solution or on premises solution for direct submitters; migration can be accomplished easily and quickly with minimum disruption and cost. The API interface options allow Financial Institutes, service bureaus and large corporations to also offer this as a service through their current solutions.

Nick Newman, Ultra Payments Business Manager, said “Our goal is to provide the best Payments solutions to our customers with no end-of-life. The solution we offer has recently been expanded to incorporate BACS, Faster Payments, SWIFT, SEPA, NACHA and other payment methods. The addition of DDMS is a demonstration of our commitment to respond to the needs and requests of our customers as our first priority.”