India based enterprise messaging app Flock unveiled its App store

Flock, an enterprise collaboration app that has been consistently redefining the manner in which teams communicate has recently launched its App store. Users will now be able to connect external work apps and services that they frequently use, directly into Flock. Currently the Flock App store allows integrations with popular apps such as Trello, Github, Twitter, Jira, Bitbucket, and many others. All you do is select the apps you want integrated so that you get all your notifications directly within Flock — from support requests, code check-ins, and error logs to Twitter updates.

The App store integrations allows for notifications from these apps directly mobilize entire Flock groups and initiate conversations amongst relevant stakeholders in real-time. Integrating the Trello app lets teams and project managers know of changes made to boards, cards and lists. Similarly, plugging in the Twitter app ensures your marketing team receives instant alerts about what people are saying about your brand on social media. Pull requests from the GitHub app notifies your development team in real-time and prompts for immediate review. Thus, with all the information you need in one place, the Flock App store eliminates the hassle of switching between and managing multiple apps at work.

Bhavin Turakhia, CEO and Founder, Flock, said, “This is the next logical step for Flock as a product. The App Store makes Flock incredibly powerful, especially considering the rich functionality we already have in place such as to-do's, reminders, polls and code snippet sharing. Combined with these features, it makes it possible for your app to start a conversation within a group by notifying you about something important, and you can take immediate remedial action, whether it is the next step in a project or reactive marketing on Social Media. I am extremely excited by the direction in which Flock is heading as a product.”

This only marks the beginning of all the exciting developments that lie ahead. At present, the Flock platform allows users to integrate external apps and custom build integrations. However, soon organizations and developers will be able to build their own apps and chatbots suited to their specific requirements.

Flock has already been making waves in the enterprise communication space, boasting of a feature rich user experience and a slick, clutter free interface. This update makes Flock even more powerful, opening up a world of possibilities for teams that have been looking to enhance productivity at work.